Published Paper, congrats!!

  • PERCEPT was present at IEEE AIVR 2018 (Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality) with the following paper:
    • John, B., Raiturkar, P., Le Meur, O. and Jain, E. (2018). A Benchmark of Four Methods for Generating 360°Saliency Maps from Eye Tracking Data, IEEE AIVR.
    • Brendan John will attend the conference and present the paper.
  • PERCEPT was present at Pacific Graphics 2018 with the following paper:
    • Galvane, Q., Lino, C., Christie, M., & Cozot, R. (2018, October). Directing the Photography: Combining Cinematic Rules, Indirect Light Controls and Lighting‐by‐Example. In Computer Graphics Forum (Vol. 37, No. 7, pp. 45-53).
  • PERCEPT was present at ICIP 2018 with the following paper:
    • Zhang, A. T., & Le Meur, O. (2018, October). How Old Do You Look? Inferring Your Age from Your Gaze. In 2018 25th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP) (pp. 2660-2664).
  • PERCEPT was present at EUSIPCO 2018 with the following paper:
    • Rousselot, M., Auffret, E., Ducloux, X. Cozot, R., and Le Meur, O., (2018). Impacts of Viewing Conditions on HDR-VDP2, EUSIPCO.

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